P.s. I do not exist

“Strange is my story,
Stranger are the memories
And here I stand barefoot beneath the sky, wondering –
Who am I?


Curious soul

As the briny water washes my feet seeking forgiveness, the sand beneath wants to drag me in;
conspiring to swallow me once and for all.
I stand firm trusting my broken wings.
Lessons learnt.
I carry jagged pieces on the inside;
Still try to fathom constellations inside my head.
I smoke seashells by the seashore, trying to bottle the urge of tides to kiss the moon;
For I’ve known the consequences long enough – being ruined grandly.
I kiss my scars. Victory.

I’ve loved the sky as much as I’ve loved the sea.
The only wrong I was doing all this time was –
Hunting for seashells in a sky full of stars.


20 thoughts on “P.s. I do not exist

  1. 😜 oh i see…. Well it’s still gud to review other bloggers
    So u do dt alright nd btw how old r u 😂 (i kno ur never supposed to ask a women’s age) but oh well im curious 😜


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